SEITO GAOs to collegiate soccer team

Seito Gao is a four-year varsity player for Liberty High School boys soccer. His ten years of experience with Pacific Northwest Soccer Club has played an integral role in the successes of both Liberty’s team and his club team. Gao is officially an athletic commit to Northwest University, a NAIA division school in Kirkland.

Q: What do you intend to major in and why?

A: I will probably major in kinesiology (or the science of body movement) because of my experiences playing soccer.

Q: What are some challenges you will face?

A: The biggest challenge on the field is probably playing time, but academically, being able to keep up in school with the loaded soccer schedule.

Q: What are your goals playing collegiate soccer?

A: My main goal is to try and be a starter and contribute as much as I can to the team. I have no aspirations to play professional.

Q: What does soccer mean to you and why did you want to play at the collegiate level?

A: Soccer allows me to meet new people and make special bonds with people I never would have met, but most importantly, soccer is the biggest stress-reliever in my life, and I honestly don’t know where I would be without it. I wanted to continue playing because I wanted to still have the stress-reliever in my life, and I also want to see what the highest level of soccer I can play is.