Liberty softball bonds over diverse experiences


Gabrielle Parrish, Sports Editor

“To come out here, join a varsity softball team, go up against 55 to 60 mile per hour pitches, and to have never swung a bat before,” softball head coach LeEtta Specht said. “Those are the girls I want on my team.”
This season, that is exactly what she’s gotten. The girls fastpitch team has a total of 17 girls, a huge turnout which has changed the dynamic of the team because it offers a much wider range of experience. While some girls—including several of the freshmen— have been playing on select teams practically their entire lives, others haven’t played in years or are picking up a bat for the first time.
“It’s a little bit intimidating, but it’s fun,” sophomore Skye Hawker said.
Despite their varying backgrounds, the girls have been able to form bonds which have allowed them to effectively work together to accomplish their goals and progress Liberty’s fastpitch softball program.
“We work really well together as a team. There are a lot of good friendships, and you can see that on the field,” freshman Maddie Parrish said.
The different experiences of each player have ultimately brought them closer together because the older or more experienced athletes are helping guide those who need help.
“The girls who are experienced have been incredible leaders, and they have really helped support the girls who haven’t played,” Specht said.
Overall the players’ efforts to improve each other and build friendships has made the team environment remarkably positive, allowing them to have fun as they play and practice.
“Those of us who aren’t playing are always cheering people on,” Hawker said.
This supportive and genuine team dynamic is encouraged by their coach, who is starting her second year in charge. The players benefit from her passion for the team and desire to push them to play their best.
Softball has won three out of their six games so far and are currently ranked third in KingCo. They are training hard and hoping to improve their record from last year.
“This team has so much heart and so much love for each other. And in the game it propels them into awesomeness,” Specht said. “It makes it really fun and carries their confidence, and confidence is how you win or lose a game.”