Liberty rugby club expands student horizons


Kaitlyn Keyes, Photography Editor

Here at Liberty, the school boasts an abundance of sports, and from gymnastics to golf it seems to have it all. But when viewing the lineup of sports the school provides, there does seem to be some sports missing—or so it may appear.
What most people fail to initially realize is that this missing sport—rugby—is actually a Liberty sport, just not in a typical sense.
Founded in 1986, the Liberty rugby club includes five age levels of competition, ranging from age seven to eighteen. The club is composed of kids from all over Washington, not necessarily coming solely from Liberty High school—a fact which has allowed for its participants to expand their horizons in a way they wouldn’t have been able to without it.
“The fact that people from other schools participate has provided me with more opportunities to make friends and has opened up my social world. I’ve become really good friends with people I would never even think about,” sophomore Spencer Sorenson said.
But even beyond making friends outside of Liberty, Liberty Rugby has allowed for its participants to strengthen their everyday relationships as well.
“I’ve met a lot of people through rugby, but it has also strengthened friendships that I already had too since I can see them a couple days every week,” sophomore Bryce McMillian said.
Rather than simply broadening students’ horizons regarding friendships, however, Liberty Rugby club has also allowed for the expansion of student development in other ways as well.
“Liberty rugby has allowed me to develop greater perspective. It has given me something to love and make a career out of,” Sorenson said.
In addition to simply offering a rugby club for boys, the Liberty Rugby club offers a Lady’s Liberty Rugby. The up and coming Lady’s Liberty Rugby side was created six years ago and competes at the high school age level.
Liberty Rugby is a unique opportunity for Liberty high schoolers and all boys and girls ages seven to 18 to meet, compete, and play rugby.