HIIT to keep fit

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. We’ll be doing a simply A-B-A-B cycle with 15 seconds between each 45-second set for a total of three cycles.


Tatum Lindquist, Editor in Chief

Warm Up

Go interval running—at your own level. If you’re new to interval running (or exercising in general), start by switching between three intervals of walking and jogging for two minutes to twenty seconds respectively. You can decide how many intervals you wish to run—just remember that you only give 100 percent on the last interval, so pace yourself.
Reminder: this is just a warm-up. Blow out your lungs enough to get your heartrate up and start sweating.



  • Exercise A: Butt kicks for 45 seconds
  • Exercise B: Jump squats for 45 seconds


  • Exercise A: Burpees
  • Exercise B: Up-Down plank


  • Exercise A: Mountain climbers
  • Exercise B: Side lunges into jump squats

Cool Down

Boxer shuffle until you catch your breath. Get in an athletic stance, and stretch out your calves by reaching for the ground. Widen your stance, and do some torso circles, moving your fingers from one foot to the other and straightening your back before repeating in the opposite direction.