Boys basketball faces new challenges


Margaret Baumgartner, Sports Editor

“There is never a time where I want to give up. In my mind, I constantly ask what I can do to help my team? I can go get a rebound, go dive on the floor for a loose ball, go pick my teammate up, or go and throw a pass,” senior Jake Elfstrom said.
The Liberty boys basketball team is a close-knit group willing to dive for a loose ball for the sake of their team. But they are facing some new challenges this season. With a slight height disadvantage, the boys are still finding a way to fight through their season.
“We are trying to play at a more fast pace to help us with our height disadvantage,” Elfstrom said.
Despite having their disadvantages the team has still been able to bond and get close with each other.
“There is a lot of joking around and making fun of each other in the best way possible. In the end, we will always be out there on the court trying to get better for each other,” senior Cade Hughes said. “Every year we try to be tough and together. Being together is about being good teammates, having good energy, and playing for each other.”
Last season was a record setting year for the team. The boys went to districts, as well as State for the first time. The team works hard together during practices so that each player can get better individually, and play better as a team.
“We have a motto to always be together and lift each other up. It makes playing with one another a lot more fun,” sophomore Josh Chung said. “We’re pretty close and really friendly with one another.”
The team, however, has lost a few of its pre-season games.
“We have already had some tough losses by only a few points. We are putting our pieces together and then we should be good,” Elfstrom said. “Our chemistry is one of the best we’ve had in the years I have been here. It has the most potential to do some really great things.”