Throwing the perfect spiral: my journey to become Tom Brady

Tom Brady: the man, the myth, the legend. He is known for winning the Super Bowl five times (and being MVP for four of them), starting for sixteen years, and having scandals such as the “tuck rule” game and “Deflategate”. He is also known for having a strict diet and exercise regimen, which I am attempting to recreate to the best of my abilities for a week. To emulate this, I downloaded the TB12 app, which explains how to do Brady’s workouts. His day begins at six am with 20 oz of water, then he drinks a fruit smoothie before working out. Within twenty minutes of working out, he drinks a protein shake and then goes about his day. For lunch he only eats fish and vegetables, and for dinner, “nutrient dense” foods and more vegetables.

Bridget Ury, Photography Editor

Monday- I started off the week on a poor note. I woke up at six and “immediately” drank 20 oz of water. Instead of drinking a fruit smoothie then working out, I went back to sleep. For breakfast I ate toast, which is against the rules (no refined flour). For lunch I had leftover pizza and an apple, breaking two more rules (limit dairy and no eating fruit with meals for “digestion”). As for the exercise, I was pleasantly surprised. On the TB12 app, it suggests a half an hour full body workouts best suited for you and your chosen sport (tennis for me). Overall, I felt good afterwards, but a little sore because I had to roll out my muscles before and after in order to follow the app, which I didn’t know how to do properly.

Tuesday- Tuesday went much better than Monday. I woke up and drank my water and later a berry smoothie for breakfast. I ate celery and peanut butter for lunch. For dinner, my family was having chicken pot pie (which I couldn’t eat), so instead I had leftover enchiladas from the night before. On Tuesdays, I usually do a cycling class at the YMCA, so I did it as normal but rolled out my muscles before and after as the app instructed me too.

Wednesday- Once again, I woke up and drank my 20 oz of water then immediately went back to sleep. For lunch I finally fulfilled my duty to eat fish for lunch (but it was cold because you really can’t heat fish in a public microwave). Besides the water I drank in the morning, I’ve had a hard time keeping up with his drinking habits. It was also Halloween so I did break the rules to eat some candy, even though the TB12 app reminded me to “skip the unhealthy treats this year and try the pumpkin protein smoothie.” I did another 30 minute full body workout, along with a yoga class at the YMCA. The TB12 workout was a lot easier because I had practice from the last few days and I understood the system.

Thursday- By Thursday, I was completely done with Tom Brady and his lifestyle. I hadn’t eaten breakfast the last two days because it is unreasonable to expect me to spend 10 minutes making a smoothie when I was already late for school. For both lunch and dinner I had grilled chicken salad which is only good if you don’t eat it twice in one day. I was also having a hard time drinking all the water. It’s difficult to go from no water to 75 oz in only a few days. The workouts were getting easier but it did feel like it was trying to sell me equipment. Each day it would ask if I wanted to buy workout equipment or electrolytes to add to my water.

Friday- I must say, I was glad it was Friday. Each time I did sometime, I reflected how it was the last time I would ever do it- last time waking up at 6 to chug water, last time eating only fish and vegetables for lunch. I was tired of being hungry and limited in my snacking ability. However, I can appreciate the structure of the workouts and how it was easy to complete. If I didn’t have to pay $20 a month, I would probably continue to do them. But overall, the diet seems less pertinent to my daily life with all the restrictions and funny rules.