Girls’ basketball bounces back for hopeful future

Taylor Mulqueeney, Photography Editor

The clock is ticking down, getting closer and closer to the final buzzer of the first game of the season on November 29. The game is close and both teams are battling to start their season off on a high note. The buzzer sounds; the score is Liberty 61, Cedarcrest 63.

“The first game we were more worried about what everyone thinks of us and pleasing the crowd, but once we got over the first game we realized this is about getting us to play our best and winning,” senior Annie Oman said.

Though their start wasn’t what they were hoping for, the team bounced back and went on to win the next two games.

“The first game is always hard especially with a new team, because you don’t know what to expect,” senior Sydney Argosino said. “Once we got through that first game we have been able to figure out how to work together better and win together.”

Both Oman and Argosino agree that the team has a different look than previous years. This new composition has created a unique experience for the seniors in their final season.

“I’m excited for the new team dynamic because we have a lot of new freshmen, so it’s really fun to experience something new,” Oman said. “The freshmen are also really good so we have been able to do a lot better. I’m excited to see how far we can go.”

Coach Nate Winegar has also seen the players develop as individuals and a team, both on and off the court.

“I just have a wonderful group of young ladies.  I enjoy talking with each of them. They all have a great sense of humor, and yet can get down to work when needed,” Winegar said.

With the new players, mentality, and skill on the team, everyone is excited for the future of this team and the program as a whole.

“I believe we can have a break out year and, in turn, provide excitement for younger girls to want to focus on basketball and represent Liberty High School,” Winegar said.