Will Patriot Football Return to “the Dome”

Millen Khangura, Staff Writer

Liberty Football is likely to return to the state championship. So far the Patriots are playing as well as ever with a 7-1 overall record and a 5-1 record in conference.

Coach Andy Hall strongly believes that the team can get to the state championship this year.

“To make it into the state title game is always a tough road, but that’s definitely the goal,” Hall said.

Hall believes that if the team works hard throughout the season, then the results will happen.

The main thing holding the team back from the state championship this year would be five key players injured. Two of the injured players are junior Ryan Kirchner with a torn PCL who played cornerback and senior Noah Wright with a broken foot who played safety.

“It’s super unfortunate, there have been some really good players that have been out,” head coach Steve Valach said.

Valach believes the injuries hurt the team’s overall performance, but gives other players chances to step up and show their potential. One of those players is junior Keith Browitt who has one interception and one fumble recovery as a cornerback this season.

On a separate note, Junior Jacob Thoresen supported the team at the October 13 game where he scored six touchdowns in the first half. He also has a total of 11 touchdowns and 563 yards this season.

“I think we have a great team that works hard and gives a lot of effort. I think we have a great chance of going to the playoffs,” Thoresen said.

With the season closing up, the Patriots have a chance at qualifying for State with an average of 402.5 yards per game. They have only given up 273 yards rushing all season while rushing for 2,299.

The Patriots play on November 3 and, if they win, will play the powerhouse Tumwater the following weekend.