Early Loss gives girls soccer a reality check

Mia Oliver, Staff Writer

Dripping with sweat and frustration, the girls make their way to the sideline after the final whistle confirms their loss. One question lingers among them: How could this have happened?

September 12th, girls’ soccer suffered an unexpected 3-0 loss to Mercer Island in its first conference game of the year. Having lost just one senior, the team expected to walk into the new season as good as they had been at the end of last year. This mentality lead to the team showing up without the intensity and desire required to produce a victory.

“[The loss] made us realize that we had to work to do well in the season, and we shouldn’t just expect to win,” captain Cameron Nelson said.

With a change in attitude, the team has begun to put in the effort they had lacked going into the season. The players are working harder both on and off the field, willing to do whatever it takes to get where they need to be: winning.

“We are making steady progress each week and improving in specific areas we focus on,” coach Tami Nguyen said.

The team has achieved its goal of finishing in the top four of its conference as it ends the season with the top spot in the conference and a District Champions title. Now, they are fighting their way towards a state victory.

Nonetheless, the girls recognize that they have to constantly put in the effort if they wish to continue to get their desired results and stay on top — failing to do so could result in more disappointing nights like the one at Mercer Island.

“We know that we cannot lose focus on the goal and forget that we have to get better every game,” Nguyen said.