Fastpitch girls build new family

Emily Basset, Staff Writer

While many people may think that having only enough players for a varsity team is a bad sign for the rest of the season because of the lack of playing time each girl will get, this year’s girls’ varsity softball team disagree.
“We can focus all of our time on the one team rather than what we did last year, splitting up the field time. Because of that, neither team really got enough practicing time,” Junior Margaret Bohm said.
Junior Megan Miller agrees with Kinsley, and is hopeful about the team this coming season, along with the rest of the people on the team. They’re excited about coming together and really becoming tightly-knit this year, unlike previous seasons, in which they described a difficult time bonding and listening to other players on the field. Now, however, each and every girl on the team is more willing to listen, and is more open to suggestions.
“I think the team is very cooperative, and accepting, and likes to take whoever comes in and work with it, so, we’ll see,” Miller said.
Bohm describes how the entire team is willing and prepared to go all the way to state, and how they all push one another to get there.
“We all really want to succeed, and are determined to not only have ourselves become better players, but to promote everybody else to work on themselves and to better themselves,” Bohm said.
Coach John Kinsley talks about how all are hopeful about the change, and are excited to come closer as a single team.
“I think if we’re staying positive, the sky’s the limit for these girls,” Kinsley said.