Browne sisters open up about dancing

Macee Vadney, Assistant News Editor

Fourteen years ago, at the age of three, senior Kenadi Browne leapt into the world of dance and began her passion and devotion towards the art. Not long after, she had a ‘little Kenadi’ following in her footsteps. Little sister, freshman Madison Browne embarked on her dance career as well.
“Kenadi started dancing when she was three and I have always really looked up to her,” Freshman Madison Browne said. “I really wanted to follow in her footsteps. So once I started, I kind of just fell in love and just kept going.”
As a dancer, Madison Browne says that you experience a lot of pressure but also gain a lot of pride. Dancing builds a solid community as well. Kenadi and Madison Browne are able to have all of those experiences in common.
“There’s this one tap class that we have together. It’s funny because sometimes she’ll do things and my teacher will be like ‘oh look at your sister being cute,’ which is funny.” Kenadi Browne said.
Commonly said, dance is different than any other sport or activity done. In Madison’s opinion, dancing isn’t quite like anything else.
“It’s something kind of in its own category,” Madison Browne said. “When you’re on stage or even just in a studio performing a dance or an exercise, your world kind of narrows, you can only really feel yourself and what you’re doing, you can’t really feel or see anything else.”
Moving on from high school, the girls have different intentions for their future dance careers. For example, Madison Browne plans on minoring in dance while in college, though Kenadi Browne wants different.
“I don’t want to dance as a career, but I still want to keep doing it. My top college has a lot of really cool dance groups,” Kenadi Browne said. “I definitely want to dance recreationally because I think I’m going to miss it if I don’t.”
Though the most important thing to take out of this, in Madison Browne’s opinion is what dance actually is and what it means.
“Dance is a lot more than just spinning, leaping and being in pretty costumes. It’s about control. It’s about more than just you. It’s about telling a story and expressing more than just your own little world.”
Like Madison Browne, Kenadi Browne shares a similar opinion on what dance is and what it means.
“I think it’s an athletic art because with sports you’re competing to win, but with dance, dancing is for expressing yourself in physical movement,” Kenadi Browne said.
Kenadi, since she was three, and Madison, not long after, together share the same passion and love for the art of dance and the story it tells, at the studio, and at home.