Boys Baseball: swingin’ in the rain

Emily Basset, Staff Writer

Despite the gloomy days of rainfall and laborious days of practice in the gym, the boys’ baseball team has thrived in the rain, and has been practicing outside every day.
Assistant Coach Cameron Talley is excited to have a strong group of seniors leading the team this year, and believes that when a team’s strongest leaders are the seniors and captains, the team will be better overall.
“The best teams that you have are the ones where your best players are your team captains. That’s when you really have success,” Talley said.
Senior Torey Anderson, one of the team captains, is eager to watch the team grow this year, and to hopefully develop a better team.
“Having a young team fosters opportunity for people to thrive and succeed in places we hadn’t looked at as strongholds, but usually one or two guys per year will surprise you,” Anderson said.
Talley is also ecstatic about having such a big sophomore class this year and believes that they will develop and help the team to be even stronger.
“That class is very unique.” Talley said. “I haven’t seen a class that works so hard, that just loves to grind it out, and just has a lot of grit.”
Overall, the team is looking at a strong start to their season, and has already played their first game against Hazen, winning 11-1 in five innings. Talley is already looking forward through the rest of the season.
“State. For sure.” Talley said. “Hopefully we’re going to end up in Yakima again this year.”