Girls’ basketball: a positive perspective

Aria Soeprono, Opinion Editor

A history of injuries kept senior Sam Petersen from playing on the girls’ basketball team for a significant portion of her middle school and high school career. But she didn’t let this obstacle deter her from her love of the game, and she returned to play for Liberty this year, compelled by the uplifting energy of the team.
“My team is what motivated me and inspired me to keep playing—even after all these years, they’re still my teammates and they still have my back,” senior Sam Petersen said.
Petersen’s attitude reflects that of the team as a whole; the team’s optimistic mindset prepared them to take on the season.
“We’re not doing as well as we expected, but we’re still focusing on working hard and trying to stay positive for District playoffs and beyond,” junior Sydney Argosino said.
With this enthusiastic attitude they have learned to incorporate both fun and effort, averaging 41.3 points a game.
“I think our main goal this season was having fun and working hard. In past years, it’s been a struggle balancing the fun and work and it’s been more stressful because of that,” senior Kylie Kirksey said.
Several changes affected the team this season, including new coaches that promoted an energetic attitude, despite losses.
“The new coaches’ mentalities are a lot more calm and relaxed than the last coach’s so it’s been a little different adjusting to that and continuing to push ourselves,” Kirksey said.
Overall, they have had a rewarding team experience this season, inspiring each other to do their best.
“Winning isn’t everything as long as you’re out there working your hardest,” Kirksey said.
Led by senior Sam Kelderman and Argosino, the girls are currently competing in a series of lose-or-out games in districts playoffs, trying to get to state.