Volleyball perseveres to make up for lost seniors

Gabie Owens, Staff Writer

After losing seven powerful seniors last year, the girls’ varsity volleyball team has had to readjust. A team comprised of mostly juniors, one sophomore and one freshman, they are intrigued to see the improvement in their performance. Junior and team captain, Alena Rozewski, believes that this year will be challenging yet exhilarating.
“We all are good, and have the capability to win, but we haven’t had the connection or drive to win as a team,” Rozewski said. “We have the opportunity, but we just haven’t acted upon it yet.”
The team has also faced some other some changes this year. Junior captain Presley Sweeney believes that there’s a different atmosphere.
“The dynamic has changed, which is harder and difficult for the team,” Sweeney said. “There are no seniors, so we, as juniors, are now the captains of the team, which is a bit unique too.”
However, the team has been starting to win more games. They had a 3-0 win over Sammamish on Monday, October 17, which was followed by another 3-0 win over Interlake two days later.
Despite the 6-8 record this season, the team hopes to see potential and improvement if they concentrate on better plays.
Varsity assistant coach, Andy Fickert, believes it will be trickier to go to state, but concludes that it’s possible.
“Our goal is to make it to Districts, since we have gone to State for the past two years,” Fickert said.
Our attitude is great, but it will be harder to get to State since there are fewer spots with harder competition this year.”
The volleyball team would like to see more students at the games. They believe that spirit can make impactful difference on the team’s performance.
“Just because we are not winning every game, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come,” Rozewski said. Still support and cheer because we want everyone to come to our home games. We are about to rally!”