Varsity soccer scores with a younger team

Macee Vadney, Assistant News Editor

In the past two months, the Liberty girls’ varsity soccer team’s success has skyrocketed. This season’s young group of girls – which includes three freshmen – has created a strong team this season with a record of 8-3-4 (wins ties, losses).
Some feel the younger girls have been the transition the team needed from losing so many players last year.
“Honestly, I like having a younger team a lot, the girls are awesome,” Captain Callen Mackey said.
The age of this season’s team creates an opportunity for most of the girls to play together again next year.
“This year’s team is such a young team that next year we won’t lose many players, and that’s what I like about it,” Makena Carr said.
The girls feel like they are more of a unit than they have been in past years. They are more inclusive and involved.
“I think everyone’s really open and encouraging to new ideas, different playing habits and things like that,” Mackey said.
Going into the season, the freshmen were unclear about what to expect about the team.
“The older girls were really welcoming and nice,” Freshman Taylor Elfstrom said. “They are a lot less scary than I expected.”
As a team, the girls were able to connect and bond, they grew really close.
“We are all really close friends, which is really nice. They show respect to us so we are trying to show respect to them,” Elfstrom said.