Record-breaking season is characterized by unity

Sydney Willougby, Staff Writer

“Driven. Passionate. Committed. Successful. These words describe us. They describe who we are and who we represent as the Liberty Drill Team,” sophomore lieutenant Maddie Lam said.
These are the reasons why the Liberty Drill team has finished the year with a record-breaking season. The Liberty Drill team recently accomplished their two state victories, in kick and military. They also traveled down to Anaheim, California in order to compete for the National Dance Championships, where they also took first place in the military category.
These past two years, the Liberty Drill team has been extremely successful in competitions against other high schools, locally and nationally. The drill team has also grown their unity as well as their individual technique and passion for the sport.
“Everyone who is a part of it genuinely wants to be there. The commitment we have has allowed us to reach new heights as our skill level is higher than it’s ever been,” senior captain Lilli Donahoe said.
Even with new additions to the team, they have been able to come together and push one another to their best ability.
“With a LOT of new blood on the team—many of whom have been dancing their whole lives—we have been able to raise the difficulty level of what we can do as a team,” Donahoe said, “The other people who have joined are so dedicated and hardworking that we’ve still been able to raise our scores and continue to make our entire team stronger.”
Not only has the Coach Lindsay Starr pushed each individual in their preparation, but both captains, Theresa Nguyen and Lilli Donahoe, have set high expectations for each member to follow. With everyone focused and united, they have been able to defend their two state titles and win their first national championship.
“Our success is undoubtedly the result of everyone having such a high level of dedication to the team,” sophomore Zoe Herrild said, “The positivity we’ve had this year has motivated us to reach our full potential, and we will continue to work towards it in the future.”