New Liberty lacrosse coach changes team dynamics

Ally Smith, Staff Writer

This season the boy’s lacrosse team has been doing the best they have in a while.
“There is a whole new atmosphere this year and we’re all working well together and playing to win,” senior Jared Maier said.
So far they are 7-3 this season. The team is Division Two but has to compete against many Division One teams and has taken many of them down.
“This season I think we have a really good shot at playoffs and the fact that we’ve beat Division One teams is amazing,” Maier said.
Along with having a multitude of experienced seniors competing at their highest potential, the team has also picked up some newcomers. The team accumulated some outstanding freshmen this year, one of whom is Jaden Patten.
“I have had a really great experience so far this year and I think Coach Kelley has been doing a really great job leading us to play at our full potential,” Patten said.
This year the team got a new head coach, Ryan Kelley. Kelley has previously coached at Garfield and took them to state two times.
“Kelley has really stepped up as a great leader to us and is helping the team improve greatly,” junior Pierce Suarez said.
Many players feel Kelley has been working hard to push his team but also to create a positive and encouraging atmosphere.
“Not only are we working very well mentally, we are also playing much better on the field,” Maier said.
Kelley has implemented a series of new tactics skill wise and a whole new mindset for the team mentally.
“What’s really great about Coach Kelley is that he expects a lot more out of us and also pushes us to expect more from ourselves and it is pretty clear the impact he has made so far,” Suarez said.