Baseball shows new aggressive attitude for the season


Gabe Waldbaum, Editor-In-Chief

Midway through their season, the baseball team is ranked third in the conference with a current record of eight wins and nine losses.
“This year we have a more aggressive approach,” junior outfielder Duncan Olson said. “In every game we want to get higher and higher in KingCo. Our goal is to be third in KingCo and so we have been going at that. Practice makes perfect, you know.”
The baseball team has a diversity of grades on varsity this year: one freshman, two sophomores, six juniors, and five seniors. The team includes six returning varsity members: junior Torey Anderson, senior David Rodriguez, senior Boston Munro, senior James Workman, senior Tyler Hasselman, and junior Riley Wingerson
“In years passed I’ve heard it’s been more of a junior, senior team, but now all grades are starting to help out,” sophomore Adam Morrison said.
Additionally, there are currently nine baseball players who play both on the Liberty team and in a summer League.
“I think playing summer baseball has a huge impact. A lot of people say the only way at getting better at baseball is playing baseball,” assistant varsity coach and history teacher Cameron Talley said. “Especially during those summer months you can get some good baseball in. The pitchers are throwing fast and batters are hitting hard.”
The ultimate goal the team has is to win the State tournament in the post-season.
“That’s the ultimate goal of every team at the beginning of the season. Having got to the final four, seeing what the competition is like at that level, and evaluating the skills of this year compared to last, we think it’s an obtainable goal and that’s what we’re shooting for,” head varsity coach John Martin said.