Girls basketball adapts to new players

Bella Francavilla , Staff Writer

With five experienced players graduating last year and new freshmen trying out, the girls basketball team’s number of unfamiliar players provides new challenges.
“We take it game by game, practice by practice. We learn about each other every day,” senior Alissa Campbell said.
Although the season got off to a rocky start, losing eleven, winning five and tying one, the girls remain confident for the post season.
“We didn’t have many incoming freshmen, we had a lot of swingers and we have been trying to find a set roster,” sophomore Presley Sweeny said. “We’re making do with what we have and I feel like although we’re playing these really big 2A teams, we are holding our own.”
The other teams from 2A are much larger, in amount of players, making it difficult for the for the girls basketball team to keep up. With last year’s team having more experienced players they ended up winning seventeen and losing eight. This year with an influx of young players the team is adapting to the new change.
“Although we have a new program and different chemistry, we all balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses and we’re getting the hang of it,” Campbell said. “We’re ranked number nine in 2A right now, but we still have a lot of work before the playoffs,”
The goal for the basketball team this year is set and the girls are working hard together to accomplish that goal.