Varsity soccer has big goals to achieve State Championships


Mandy Latham, Staff Writer

The varsity team has traveled a long ways since last year. Winning ten, tying two and losing three, they are just steps away from the playoffs.  They feel they have the talent to go farther than last year and make it into the final four.
Liberty won four to one against Burlington-Edison and now is up against Squalicum for the final four. For right now they are just trying to use their abilities to get there.
“My stance going forward is one game at a time” Varsity Head Coach Tami Nguyen said.
Nguyen explains how looking at playoffs in a smaller picture and then moving on from there is the best way to make it. She also wants the team to work together.
“The analogy we use is a car: making sure that everybody is on track and that we are all moving in the same direction,” Nguyen said.
The girls’ soccer team has already made it far and they see that the only way to make it farther is to have the right mind set.
The team has also grown really close to each other with a lot of them playing together for four years.
“We’re like a family and we have all grown really close to each other,” senior captain Sydney Abel said.
This is Abel’s last year with the team since she is graduating.
“Seasons are so different from one year to the next,” Nguyen said. “It kind of depends on who we are matched up against.”
The team knows they can make it to the top but at the same time they don’t know exactly how far they will make it.
“We ended up winning against Bellevue this year which is really exciting because Bellevue is super good. We won two to zero,” Abel said.
They are really proud to have done so well against schools that they have not been successful with in the past which definitely improved their team spirit.
“We are just so close to the state championship. That’s what we’re fighting for. We just have our eye on the prize and we won’t let anything stop us,” senior captain Jordan Hemmen said.