Seahawks fans’ loyalty wavers following shaky start

Chris Hasenheyer, Senior Writer

When their season started the community had high hopes for the season, yet the Seahawks’ recent struggles have left their fans at a bit of a loss.
“I think a lot of people are boondoggled into thinking they are a good team when they really aren’t. I think they lost their luster. The Super Bowl was a big deal and I think that went to their heads. Their paycheck swelled and their ego swelled,” physics teacher, Mark Buchli said. “Let’s see how this 12th man phenomenon plays out after the Seahawks have a losing season. Do the fans come out in full force next fall?”
This season will be telling of what our local fan base is consisted of, yet some are less critical than Buchli about the season.
“I do consider myself a fan, I think their season is going well, and I’m still hopeful. I think there are some dynamics that they are trying to work out. I think there is a good chance for them to go into the playoffs this year. We have a very strong division,” said librarian JoAnn Olsson.
Olsson also spoke about how just three years ago nobody wore Seahawks gear to school and now everyone is a fan.
“I’ve been a fan about three years. I would say I’m a bandwagoner in the sense that I’m a fan of the team that got me into football, but I feel like I know enough now,” senior Josh Brainard said.
Teachers and students generally were fairly opinionated about why the Seahawks have struggled and many had strong opinion’s regarding the fair-weather appearance to the young and growing fan base.
“My opinion is that the Seahawks are slowly getting worse, and I’m a bit of a bandwagoner because I’m a big Redskins fan. I think Seahawks fans will be frustrated, but I think the true fans are going to come out if they miss the playoffs,” senior Ian Briggs said.
“I think they have some good leadership. Our o-line has been struggling with the highest sack count in the league. I think the Jimmy deal was a bit of a mistake because where is your quarterback insurance?” psychology teacher Kayla Philips said.
Only time will tell if the Seahawks can turn it around.