Mens golf tops the leaderboards and prepares for state in the spring

Bailie Shultz, Entertainment Editor

Men golf tops KingCo and next up is State. The mens golf team is already planning and making goals for this season’s state.
The mens golf team has been extremely successful this year and plan to make their goal in winning state.
“I am very confident we will win the state championship. We were very close last year and we took a step up compared to last year,” Jon Kinsley said.
Senior Alex Wilsey, junior Luke Hall, and sophomore Chase Macintosh have already qualified for state, but, when spring comes around, more students have a chance.
With an 8-0 pre-season record, mens golf is determined to come out with a victory in the post season this spring.
The best score of the pre-season were achieved by Hall and Ben Graham. They both had an astounding score of 32. Low scores were also added to the leader board with 36 by Graham and Macintosh.
With all the wins, the mens golf team also had struggles that they felt they have overcome.
“Our biggest struggles were staying focused. I think a lot of us wanted to go to the state tournament and that was our goal but in order to do that you have to win all the matches. I think that was one of our struggles; staying focused and working every day. I think we were able to do that,” Wilsey said.
What makes them so strong is that they have a lot of sportsmanship. As a result, they received the 2015 Sportsmanship Award.
“Blake McAllister works hard every day and guys like that deserve a lot more recognition,” Wilsey said.
This large mens golf team works together in unison. All the members are determined to stay focused meeting their goal. All in all the men’s golf team works together as one continuing Liberty’s statement of “we are one.”