Reinvented cheer team makes bigger impact

Sydney Willoughby, Staff Writer

The Varsity Cheer team has a greater influence on the student body. Besides making posters and cheering on the football boys on Friday nights, the girls are utilizing their ability to leave strong impressions on the Liberty community.
“This year people recognize us since we have more of an impact on the school because we are making posters to advertise for games,” sophomore Hannah Julius said. “We are taking ourselves a lot more seriously. We are doing more cheers. We are bringing the intensity this year.”
Lately, the varsity cheer team has created posters in order to promote upcoming varsity football games. They have also brought recognition to other sports such as girls soccer and the JV Football team.
“This year the girls on the squad are more positive, which leads the team to having a more positive impact in the way that we carry ourselves through the school,” Julius said.
Another difference in the cheer team is the addition of the JV squad. They attend games in support of JV teams.
“JV practices in the same timeframe as we do, so they occasionally practice with the team. Also, I think it is good for the JV boys to have support, and people to cheer for them,” said Julius.
Besides making posters and showing their support, the cheer program has put some serious thought into beginning a new event: the Sparkle Effect.
“Currently on the horizon, cheer will partner with special needs kids in order to become more influential in our student body. This is known as the Sparkle Effect, where leadership opportunities will be available to those who are willing to make a difference,” ASB advisor Michelle Munson.
Impact and influence have been a priority for the cheer program as they drive students to embody a positive and inclusive environment.