Hawks fans: don’t forget the Moose

Sydney Hopper, Senior Writer

Navy Blue and fluorescent green fills my eyes. 12’s pop up everywhere I look. Flags decorated with “Go Hawks” fly proudly from car windows and roof tops.

With two amazing seasons under their belt, the Seahawks have brought Seattle sports pride to what is seemingly an all-time high.

But just across the street from Century Link, the past few years hold a very different story. It hasn’t exactly been the best time to be a baseball fan in Seattle—the successes of the 90s and early 2000s seem to haunt us, with highlight reels on a constant loop that only serve to remind us of how far things have fallen.

As a life-long Mariners fan, I’ve witnessed the silent and empty bleachers at Safeco, the empty promises of improvement and the hostile statements of “Mariners suck” that are everywhere.

But here’s the thing—they don’t anymore.

Last year, the Mariners had their first winning record in several years, and only missed playoffs by one game. With new additions to their roster, and young players ready to step into the spotlight, the Mariners are poised for a great season.

In the off-season, the Mariners acquired Nelson Cruz, who will add some much-needed offense as the designated hitter. Even if he only plays at his average level, Cruz’s batting average is still 50 points higher than our previous designated hitter.

The addition of Cruz was only possible because the Mariners management and ownership have upped the payroll this year. Finally willing to spend more money, the Mariners have been getting new talent, and securing current players. Last year, second baseman Robinson Cano—arguably the best at his position in all of Major League Baseball—was made a part of the team, Felix Hernandez signed the largest contract ever given to a pitcher, and All-Star third baseman Kyle Seager was also given an extension.

Seager not only demonstrates the benefits of the increased payroll, but also the payoff of the past few years focused on player “development.” The young players, like Seager, outfielder Dustin Ackley, and shortstop Brad Miller, are ready to take on larger roles for the team this season.

So what does all this amount to? Several projections have the Mariners making the playoffs, and as serious contenders for the 2015 World Series Title.

It’s true—projections are projections, not guarantees. There’s a lot of hype for this upcoming season, but in baseball, anything can happen. Players get injured; lineups don’t always perform as expected.

Still, for the first time in a long time, this season has a lot of promise. It’s time we give the Mariners some support. The Seahawks have more than earned Seattleites’ admiration. But it’s baseball time. We need to remember that we have other home teams, and spread that love around.