Womens basketball reaches new heights in 2A

James Ricks, Staff Writer

The squeal of shoes on freshly waxed hardwood, the shouts of anxious teammates, the buzzer-beating shot that ignites the entire crowd in shouts and screams—girls on the Liberty basketball team live in two different worlds: that of the garish, over-lit classrooms, and the electric euphoria of the basketball court. Learning isn’t restricted to the classroom, either.

“I try to teach my players that this sport is more than just a game,” head coach Carly Fromdahl said. “It has and will continue to shape their characters. [They] learn to play fearlessly. I believe that each of them has more to unlock but there are all sorts of fears that hold them back.”

The girls this season are all shorter than 5’ 10” which may seem like a disadvantage to some. But this year’s team is embracing the challenge. They’re new to the 2A competition and hard work is important in overcoming these challenges, so they can work together as a team.

“If you work hard,” senior team captain Cherelle Demps said, “it’s contagious.”

The team’s work ethic is contagious throughout the entire womens program. The camaraderie on this year’s team encourages all players to do their best and shows them how to start to play as a whole.

“If we could continue playing as a whole, we could defeat anyone,” Demps said.

The team goes into postseason playoffs with a record of 13-6 and looks to get into the 2A State tournament. The team is determined to make it to the 2A State championship.

“The overall goal, of course, is State, and I know without a doubt our team can take it all the way,” Demps said.