K-Dog: the man who bleeds blue and green


Nate Jarvis, Sports Editor

Have you ever noticed the one guy always pumping up the players and fans on the sideline at football games? The guy who’s at every game whether it is home or away? If you don’t know who this is, news flash, it’s Kevin McCarthy, also known as K-Dog.

K-Dog has Down syndrome, but it has in no way affected his acceptance by everyone in the program. K-Dog has been around the Liberty football program since 2006, his freshman year. He helped manage the team when it went to the State Championship in 2009. He graduated from Liberty and has continued to manage since 2010.

“The passion that he brings, his willingness to help out, and his enthusiasm are just contagious,” freshman football coach and former player Cameron Talley said. “It’s clear if you go to a practice or go to the game that the guys love him. Everyone is talking to him and he is always involved in everything. He is a guy that makes you realize it is more than just about the wins and losses—it’s about connecting with people’s lives.”

Being around as long as he has, he almost feels like a coach to some of the players. He’s definitely not afraid to coach players up on their stance, or whatever they may be doing wrong.

“[Being around the team] is something he totally looks forward to; this is why he bleeds blue and green,” Talley said.

K-Dog is such an intergral part of the team, that on Thursdays Head Coach Steve Valach lets him run the last offensive play at practice.

“It is always funny when he calls a play like sweep right then passes the ball for a touchdown,” senior wide receiver Griffin Lockhart said. “It is always just a fun experience when he really gets to be a part of the team like that.”