Football kicks the year off with a bang


Kelley Johnson, Senior Writer

Lights shine bright on the turf. Decorated and rowdy students fill the stands. The band blares the “Fight Song” to celebrate the game-winning touchdown.

Welcome to Liberty High School football.

Our Patriot boys have invoked this type of reaction 29 times this season already while playing Lakewood, Hazen, Interlake, Lake Washington and Mercer Island.

“We haven’t been 5-0 for a while and to have our school come together and really bring meaning to the phrase ‘We Are One’ is pretty cool,” senior and co-captain Drew Hall said.

In the Lakewood game, where close to fifty students travelled over two hours to support the Patriots, the long standing mind set of our school being one unit was demonstrated by the fans. When the Liberty supporters discovered the lack of stands, they lined the track instead. According to Hall this close game, for fans and players alike, will be remembered as one of the greats.

“The atmosphere at Lakewood was indescribable,” junior safety and running back Max Batali said. “Having the fans cheer us on, even in those types of games, is fantastic.”

The energy was amped up to a new level the next Friday while playing Hazen, in which Hall said they were merely showing their dominance. With the 56-6 Patriot win the student section and band kept enthusiasm at an all time high.

“The fans and the band really help keep our energy up while we play,” Hall said. “It’s nice to know that even if things get tough, our school will always have our backs.”

At the end of games it has become a trademark tradition of Liberty’s to chant “We Are One” while jumping around in the stands. The “We Run Renton” mantra is another common cheer that comes about during the Hazen rivalry game.

“As an underclassman I feel like it has become a rite of passage to be able to chant ‘We Run Renton’ at the end of the Hazen game,” freshman Sydney Willoughby said.

From underclassmen to upperclassmen and to the players themselves, running Renton has become a major point of pride.

“Considering that we haven’t lost to Hazen in over 20 years, the ‘We Run Renton’ cheer is one that we take a lot of honor in,” senior center and defensive tackle Nate Jarvis said.

In addition to the fans’ cheers, the band has been working on new songs to add to their list that will encourage even more liveliness and positivity in the stands.

“I think everyone appreciates what we do at games and are looking forward to what we have in store for them,” senior trombone player Wendy Filman said.

Appreciation for the band has been widespread for many reasons, including how they aid in keeping the fans focused on being positive and exciting.

“The band is very motivating and really helps keep the enthusiasm alive, and they help prevent the negative cheers,” senior Danielle Demps said. “We’re excited for what these new songs will bring to the table.”