Women’s fastpitch leaves it all on home plate

Jocelyn Tierney, Staff Writer

After asking a few players on the Varsity Womens Softball team, what their team goal was for that season, they all had the same answer: to make it to State.

Making it to State is the ultimate goal for this season, however that’s not all their striving for.

“One goal we always have is to be proud of our selves and be proud of what we do no matter what”senior Caption Liza VanCamp said.

This team, along with being hardworking and determined about winning also shares interminable love for the game and enjoys the friendships they make with their teammates along the way.

“The people, I love being able to be on a team, I’ve had really amazing experiences with both in school ball and summer teams. I just love the girls I get to play with and it’s so much fun, I just love it” junior Captain Sydney Hopper said.

After being asked what she loves most about softball and Maddy O’Conner, sophomore catcher, replied simply “the bus rides” and getting to spend time with her team.

VanCamp and Hopper are leading their team into getting as far into play-offs as they can.

So far this season, they have a 4-6 record

after 10 games and have had some noteworthy wins against Bellevue, Sumner, and Interlake High Schools.

“I just want to improve as a leader and as an athlete and just set a really good example for everyone” said VanCamp about her personal goals for this season.

“Improve as a pitcher. I have a lot of new pitches and being confident and aggressive since softball is such a mental game” said Hopper about her personal goals.

Hopper is Liberty’s best softball pitcher and has led them to many wins and Vancamp is one of their best hitter on the team. Together they lead their team to be the best they can be.

“State [my sophomore year] was the best experience of my life and I wish everyone could experience that” said VanCamp.