Soccer aims to match women’s success

Boys Squad is hungry for victory following the state championship run of the girls

Connor Cherry, Staff Writer

The men’s soccer team is aiming to build on their past playoff runs this year. Coming off a good streak last year, the team hopes to make it deeper into the tournament and bring home the second State soccer championship for Liberty this year.

“We’re looking to bring home the second soccer state championship for the school, retain the Kingo trophy as well as shock the other teams in Kingco who doubt our abilities with our performance on the field.” said Senior captain Colton Ronk.

The team is rallying around their motto of Bring This Home or BTH. “We decided on this motto after seeing the girls win their state championship. ” Ronk said. They will settle for nothing less than a state championship.

Currently they have a record of seven wins, three losses and one tie.

Despite the loss of key players last year the team is still doing well with a solid returning roster including two strong underclassmen Ethan Diaz and Michael Daly as well as the addition of Leoul Hancock.

“Even though we have lost some key guys, the team is still very strong and we are feeling good.” Ronk said.

Many of the players have honed their skills over the years playing for local clubs like Pac Northwest and Eastside FC, giving them a great advantage in experience over their opponents due to the clubs playing year round. Many of the players have been playing the sport for years contributing greatly to their success.

“We have an old team” Leoul said.” Our roster is mostly composted of juniors but we are still very strong team.”

In particular, the junior members of the team have been very solid this year, taking leadership rolls on the team and consistently scoring goals.

“Junior Tyler Jensen has been stepping it up this year for us” Leoul also added.

The team is looking forward to upcoming big games against Mt Si and Interlake.

“Mt. Si is the game I’m looking forward to” junior Noah Anderson said. Leoul added “The Mt Si game is one of the biggest this season for the team.”

Ronk added that this season “should be one of the best for the soccer program yet due to us having the right combination of factors for a championship run.”