Not just an individual sport

Jocelyn Tierney, Staff Writer

While equestrian isn’t a sport that many people do or know about, some liberty students have put many long hours and extensive hard work in perfecting their craft.

“I got started when I was in Girl Scouts… we did this Horse trail ride thing and ever since then I just really wanted to be involved in horses.” Senior Jacqueline Reeve said.

Equestrian seems like a sport that you ride by yourself, though you can’t just depend on yourself to do well you have a team that is always depending on you to ride your best. This is the same type of dynamic as wrestling, where you compete at an individual level then your performance helps your team score higher to beat other schools or teams.

Liberty student Jaqueline Reeve

has been competing in equestrian for 10 years and started in second grade.

“I have 3 horses that I use and I compete for Enumclaw High School’s equestrian team, so that’s WSET (Washington State Equestrian Team).”

Her three different horses are, Jetta

a quarter horse who is used for barrel racing. Reggie an appaloosa horse is used as a show horse that Reeve takes to youth world shows.. Her third horse is a paint horse named Cowboy who is used as a drill horse.