Is 3A or 2A the right place for us?

The Issue

Once every two years Washington sends all the schools in Washington through a reclassification process based upon the number of students currently enrolled at the school. After the initial order of the schools is announced, schools are broken into different divisions with the first 64 schools being placed into 4A, the next 64 in 3A and so forth until each school has been placed. After this list is announced schools are allowed to apply to move up a division, 2A to 3A, 3A to 4A, so forth. After these schools apply to move up a rank, usually the 2A Seattle schools, the list is redrawn once again and Liberty has been placed into the 2A group. The last step of the reclassification process involves the schools that were moved down being given the opportunity to reapply. Currently, the sports administration including Athletic Director Stark Porter and the head coaches are working with Principle Josh Almy to make a decision on whether it would be in Liberty’s best interest to reapply to move back into 3A or to make the switch into 2A for the next two years.

Arguments in support of both sides are highlighted in these two articles, one written by staff writer Taylor Jackson arguing why we should continue to call 3A home, the other by sports editor Tyler Ackerson explaining how 2A provides the opportunity for success.