Drill prepares for competition season with high expectations

Nate Jarvis

Liberty Drill team begins their three team competitions starting on Dec. 14 and is currently preparing their new kick, military and pom routines for this year’s season.

The team is expecting to be very competitive this season under new coach Jennifer Savell. The team has conducted their first inter-squad tryouts to be on the new kick and pom routines. Each of the different routines will have a different unique theme.

“We have a new coach this year, she’s really awesome and she is from Texas so she brings a lot of new elements to our routines,” said drill co-captain Lindsey William

This year the sophomores have really improved from their freshman season last year. Most of these sophomores have made the teams for the new kick and pom routines which have been very promising for the upcoming competition season.

“Our leadership has been very strong this year,” Williams said

New team captain Sharron Luong has provided a new atmosphere to this year’s team. Along with Sharron the team is being led by experienced lieutenants junior Riley Wigen and senior Jessica Bates.

“Officers have stepped up this year and are definitely leading the team in a positive direction,” said sophomore team member Lorrin Johnson.