Hey patriots, let’s spread the spirit

Tyler Ackerson

“Hey Patriots let’s hear your cry! V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!” echoes down the halls and school spirit runs at an all-time high. The football team raves of how the crowd’s support has propelled the team. While it appears that school spirit is finally back, empty seats are still common at many sporting events. The amount of people at the football games and the “We are one” chants are grand, but the other sports need support too.

Swim and Dive, Volleyball, Tennis, and Golf receive little to no fans in their stands, a crushing blow since they know the power of fan support. They witness it every Friday as many of them are part of the atmosphere that means so much to the football players and coaches. We all heard football Head Coach Steve Valach’s comments regarding the level of gratitude the players felt towards all the fans that stayed in the stands and I am sure the other sports would thank their fans too, if they had any.

Our fellow Patriot athletes deserve a pat on the back for all their hard work and commitment, but are seemingly forgotten by most of the school. Swimmers spend as much time as football players and golfers as soccer players, when it comes to practice. They deserve our support. This week let’s pack the stands of all of the events, let’s reward our dedicated patriots and let’s show them that “we are one” applies to them too.