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What ever happened to being “one”?

Flashback: three whole years ago, every Friday the school was abuzz. Each minute seemed to tick by extra slowly, as eager eyes wandered toward clocks in anticipation of the nights event’s.

Speed up to current time: Fridays wander by just as any other day. Students are more excited for the weekend as a whole than just “the football game.” Very few students are decked out in Patriot attire.

Now back to 2009: 45 minutes before kickoff, burgers grilling, the intensity rises as the stands begin to pack full of an excited community.

2012: A mere 20 or so students show up to an away game, confident yet small in number. As the ball is kicked, a few stragglers may show up to the game, but for the most part this “crowd” is more of a small gathering.

2009: The stands are packed full; so full the only way to fit everyone is to stand angled forwards. The crowd, a beautiful, symphonious, solid sea of blue, green, white, or black, truly looks as one altogether. The crowd roars from quarters 1-4, and is there to greet the team after each and every game

2012: A home game becomes barely full, with plenty of space to move around. Half of the crowd is dressed in one way, the other in whichever way they choose. There is no order to the student section, and although the crowd does seem spirited, it is typically only in the first and fourth quarters.

Do you see the pattern?

I wish that the younger students had an opportunity to feel the spirit and camaraderie that came along with going to those football games freshmen year. I also wish we could replicate that at the remaining sports games this year.

“We are one” wasn’t just a statement; it’s how Liberty culture was, it was an idea, an identity. You truly felt as one with the entire student body.

So, to my fellow students at Liberty I pose the question; are we really “one”?