Scott Dean impresses on national rugby team

Dalton O'Brien

When most students were spending their summer weekends sleeping in the mornings, Scott Dean was slaving away in Las Vegas with two-a-day rugby practices in preparation for the USA U-17 team’s appearance in the International Cup.

One of two non-seniors on the squad, Dean saw large amounts of minutes in each game the USA team played. The team placed second in the tournament after a close loss to the British Columbia team.

“It was the hardest, most rewarding experience I have ever had. Nothing compares to putting on the red, white, and blue,” Dean said.

Dean has high aspirations for a career in rugby.

“I hope to play in college and eventually play for the USA Men’s team. If I have the opportunity to play professionally overseas I would take that in a heartbeat,” Dean said.

Dean felt a high amount of pride in being able to play for a national level team.

“It’s an honor to be considered a part of such an elite class of athletes and its humbling at the same time, because everyone is so good it just makes me thankful to be a part of something so special,” Dean said.