Girls soccer overcomes injuries to finish season strong

Kalie Murphy

Despite losses earlier in the season due to injuries, the Liberty girls’ soccer team has come back strong and hopes to be ranked first at the end of the season.

The team struggled in a game against Mt. Si because key player Kailianna Johnson was out during the match. Other team members have also experienced injuries that have put them out of practices and games.

However, the injuries have brought the team closer together. Unity is a large part of the team, and weaker players have had more opportunity to practice and refine their skills. The team is close on and off the field, and their bond has contributed to the team’s overall triumph.

“We put more trust in players that don’t really play,” junior Kali Youngdall said.

The team is very committed to reaching the goal of being ranked first at the end of the season. The Lady Patriots are led by a strong senior class whose positive energy and leadership help the team win their games.

Furthermore, the players have been largely impacted by their new coach, Tami Nguyen. Having a fourth coach in four years, the girls have yet again have had to adjust to a new coach’s style. However, she is described as uplifting and relatable; and has helped contribute to the success of the team.

“I coach because I love the game and I strive to have a positive impact on all my players,” Nguyen said. “My philosophy is to teach a possession, creative style of play while competing and to always win and beat our competition.”