Allyson Mangus – Math

Allyson Mangus wins the 2021 Math department Medallion awarded by Angie Kruzich.

“Allyson is a brilliant math student, always willing to do what it takes to be successful in mathematics. Allyson is quiet in class, but she makes her presence known with her competence and willingness to help others. Allyson is uniquely skilled at explaining math concepts to her peers in clear, understandable ways. This makes her an invaluable resource for other students in class in addition to being an exceptional student. She is enthusiastic, reliable and has great insight about mathematics. You witness her commitment to understand in class every day of the year. Even when other students are starting to see the end of high school and let that influence their dedication, Allyson remains committed and an outstanding student to have in the classroom.”

Congratulations, Allyson!