Cheap date and Pike Place

Natalie Gress, Perspective Editor

Pike Place Market. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Founded in 1907 it is the oldest continually operating farmers’ market in the United States. Sometimes referred to as the “soul of Seattle” this local attraction is full of many secrets, eccentric people, hidden quests, quirky sights, and unique emerald gems.

No trip to Seattle is complete without stopping for a bite to eat at Pike Place Market. But there is a lot more to this farmer’s market than what first meets the eye. For example, you might recognize the bronze piggy bank, weighing more than 550 pounds and raking in $6000 annually, this pig actually has a name. Her name is Rachel, and she is not alone. There are hundreds of pigs scattered about Pike Place that are seldom noted or photographed. You might want to follow the hoof prints that scatter the ground, or check out the clever tiles and seemingly random quotes engraved below your feet.

Watch out for flying fish! That’s right, the smell has a source and Seattle is known for its fish tossing along the waterfront and in the market at Pike Place Fish. Although the fish aren’t free the smell is all yours for the breathing. Other free activities to do in Pike Place are to watch cheese be made at Beecher’s, or take a selfie in the (almost) original Starbucks which has been named a historic landmark and features a figure unlike the green mermaid we know and love.

If you head below, down the artsy cobblestone street you find the gum wall (which could always use a few fresh pieces of ABC gum) and to the right in a small little archway you’ll find a ghoulish and eerie little coffee shop, Ghost Alley Espresso. Don’t be frightened, the man behind the counter is quite friendly and will gladly take you on a different expedition of the market after hours. Another artsy spot, if you dare approach the sticky doorway is a little theatrical space, home of Unexpected Productions which performs exactly that for $5 tickets.

There are more than 60 places to eat in the market, Patriot Press favorites include Piroshky Piroshky Bakery, Sound View Café, the Market Grill, Crepe De France, and Bottega Gelato.