Cheap date and a chick flick

Natalie Gress

Exploring an exciting and affordable afternoon in Seattle

Can’t sleep? Instead of tuning into a late night talk show and pouring your emotions out on National radio, precede into an evening of entertainment for you and that special someone, or a movie night with friends. Sleepless in Seattle directed by Nora Ephron is, hands down, a chick flick. Released in June of 1993, this feel good romance conducts a simpler approach on love. Starring Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, and Ross Malinger, this film inspires a splendid adventure into exploring the city of Seattle. Inspired by the 1957 film An Affair to Remember, this film is divided between Seattle, Baltimore and the ending destination of New York’s Empire State Building.

Obviously taking a flight across the states to meet a stranger at midnight on the Empire State Building wouldn’t fit into this kind of date night, but Sleepless in Seattle incorporates many local places and spaces to be discovered.

To start, you might want to watch or re-watch this flick. To save money, order take-out because you never know, it might change your life. Or find a meal down at Pike Place Market. The Athenian Café (Inn Seafood Restaurant and Bar), which made a brief, but quite memorable appearance in Sleepless in Seattle has been around since 1909.

To avoid parking and save gasoline, you could catch a bus to Seattle. Busses that travel into the tunnel from your local park and ride include the 101, 102, and 106 from Renton, or the 554 from Issaquah. To exit the tunnel you simply get off at West Lake and take an elevator or escalator up to the street level, walk down to the pier and Voilà!

Walk down Pine, and have a friend check to see if your butt is cute under the “Inn at the Market” awning. Explore the shops you live so close to and be a tourist in your own city. Drive down to Alki Beach and people watch or bring a football to toss in the sand. Try to spot the house boat on Lake Union, from across the water at Gas Works Park.

Rain or shine, I encourage you to enjoy this film and remember how uniquely attractive our city is.