Cheap date and an action adventure

Natalie Gress


Kick some action

into your life this March with

a thrifty adventure out of the norm

After indulging in romantic comedies and chick flicks this past February, it might be time that you took a step back and broadened your perspective on the movie community. Do the unexpected and rent a movie flying under the radar. Start with an open mind and discover something unique about it… or yourself. Try and enjoy the little things whether it is the acting, dialogue, filming, or special effects. Find the cheesiest line and warp it into an inside joke between your friends or special someone.  Introduce yourself to a new genre or bring back a classic. Sometimes the best movies are ones that are just so tacky that they make you smile.

   Some movies I would recommend include The Batman Movie (1966) with the original dynamic duo Adam West and Burt Ward. Or for the clown lovers, there is the terrifying movie It (1990) based off of Stephen King’s novel of the same name or Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988). Some actors alone are associated with cheesy productions, for example Nicolas Cage and John Travolta take on Face/Off (1997), full of bullets and entertaining action sequences. Or the quotable, ex-governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger most recognized for The Terminator (1984) and Commando (1985). Lastly, if you enjoy B-movies, you can’t miss the musical-comedy-horror show Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1978).

   Whether you are home alone or hanging out with friends, don’t miss the opportunity to try something new and save your wallet from a ten dollar ticket. If you were up to make a day of the event, dress up like superheroes and create an adventure of your own. Make secret code names and hit the town like someone is after you. Try to avoid terrorizing random civilians but stop the petty crimes of jay-walking and littering.  Go on a quest or follow the invisible clues that lead you somewhere new. Use your imagination and complete your mission. Discover the world from another perspective.

–over and out-