ASB: Working hard behind the scenes

If you make the game winning play in the biggest basketball game of the year, everyone around school knows your name. People hear through word of mouth, the announcements, or maybe even in the Patriot Press. But a very important group of students at our school lack recognition regardless of the fact that they put in just as much, if not more time than sports teams. ASB is a class that has been a part of Liberty High School since 1977. If you thought that this class was just an easy A and making posters, think again. These individuals are silent heroes around our school. They are in this class to try and make a difference in their school and community.

ASB students get to school early every single Friday morning for “honk and waves.” They do this to try and boost school spirit and set a positive tone for the student body and staff. For them, attending the “honk and waves” is a grade. Even though it may not seem like a lot, next time you see them out there smiling and holding up posters, think about how much they do for our school.

This year ASB has had to adapt to decorating the cafeteria for spirit weeks. This space is much larger and more difficult to decorate than it used to be. ASB has been flexible, has adapted to the changes caused by construction, and continues to work harder than ever.

These students have put their leadership skills together with their community service to create meaningful spirit days. In one week ASB made $6,500 through different fundraisers and donated it to the American Heart Association. ASB has been evolving to better their community and promote school spirit at the same time.

This year ASB also donated over $700 and 6,000 cans of food to the Issaquah food bank. They made class competitions for this drive with rewards for the winners. This is a great way that ASB used their leadership skills, promoted school spirit, and improved their community.

They spend countless hours outside of school. ASB students have to be at school decorating the morning of Homecoming as early as seven, and stay as late as one, while everyone else is getting their beauty sleep and preparing for the day. Without these individuals we would not have such amazing events like Homecoming, Morp, Prom, and so many more.

The Patriot Press is appreciative for everything this club does. We would like to give them recognition for their hard work and perseverance in trying to better our school. Next time you see one of these silent heroes around school, you might want to give them a pat on the back, and thank them for everything they do.