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Hustling through the hallways: a how-to

In the 2023-24 school year, Liberty students will spend about 5,405 minutes, nearly 4 days, every year, passing between their classes, (not accounting for altered schedules) and yes, I did do the math. I’m not about to make that number any larger than it already is because a group of sixteen students has stopped mid-hallway to watch their friend tie their shoe. 

It seems Liberty students have lost any sense of hallway etiquette that we previously had, and even the obvious unspoken rules are being disregarded, so here I am, speaking them. 

First and foremost, everyone needs to significantly pick up their walking paces. I have places to be; what I don’t have is the patience for everyone in front of me to trudge down the halls at the speed of paint drying. 

Often, I have no choice but to weave through the sloughs of people because I refuse to tolerate the increasingly sluggish walking pace of others, and then some even have the audacity to give me a dirty look for weaving as if I’m the crazy one.

It’s so much worse when the same slow walkers are walking shoulder-to-shoulder in groups of three or more and blocking everyone from passing. Now I don’t even have the option to weave my way through and I’m stuck indefinitely behind the clump. 

My worst nightmare is when clumps like that come to a full stop in the hallway. The lack of social awareness it takes to not even have the decency to pull over to the side of the hall before stopping is immense.

And then there are the feared intersections – clogged in every direction, people running into you every two seconds, and an overall uncomfortable situation to be in. But, there are some very simple solutions that could minimize this awkward huddle of students trying to scoot through crowds.

Just like on the road, you should always be walking on the right side of the hallway with the exception of those turning left. 

When taking a left turn, you should anticipate and be slowly merging over to the left side of the hallway before your turn. Then, take a wide turn so that you end up on the right side of the hallway you’ve just turned into.

This spares those who are turning right or going straight at that same hallway from being run into by someone going in the complete opposite direction.

When turning right, you should almost hug the wall so as not to be in the way of those going straight.

But most importantly, just be aware of where you are. When you’re staring at your feet or looking behind you, everyone else has to make up for your lack of common sense and avoid you. Self-awareness is truly key.

About the Contributor
Jocelyn Hood, Opinion Editor
Jocelyn Hood is a Junior at Liberty High School and co-editor for the Opinion section of the Patriot Press. She is involved in activities at Liberty such as theatre, art club, and honors society. In her free time she likes to watch horror movies.