Barbie is a good role model

Maria Culwell, Staff Writer

Name another doll that has had over 200 careers, can transform into a mermaid, and has an amazing fashion sense. The Barbie doll, first created in 1959 by Mattel, has remained an inspiration for young children all over the world. Although the doll has a controversial past, Barbie is a positive role model, inspiring children to follow their dreams and not conform to stereotypes.

From landing on the moon before Neil Armstrong to being a bakery chef, Barbie’s hundreds of careers have sparked a passion for her younger audience. Children are taught that dreams have no limits, and the possibilities are endless.The Barbie doll not only demonstrates how careers impact others, but how actions do as well. Throughout television series and movies, Barbie is portrayed as empathetic and caring to those around her.. As a result, the doll creates meaningful relationships with her community. Barbie also does not depict a typical family dynamic– lacking a present mother and father– allowing kids with nontraditional families to feel included. 

Nonetheless, it has taken several controversies and adaptations for Barbie to become the iconic role model she is today. Barbie was originally created as a white, blue-eyed, blonde-haired woman, and only became inclusive to other races in the 1980s.  The doll’s traditional slim figure has also been known to cause low self-esteem problems in children. Yet, as years have progressed, so has Mattel’s adaptation of the female body. In 2015, new Barbie dolls were released with a wide range of body types and hairstyles. Mattel is continuing to fix its mistakes through new Barbie models–a step that many large corporations refuse to take.

All in all, Barbie dolls deserve more recognition for the positive impact they have on children’s well-being.