Ethics of AI Art

Jocelyn Hood, Staff Writer

Imagine a future where robots take over, doing even what we believed to be the few remaining things authentic to humans: writing stories, making art – and all at the press of a button. You don’t have to imagine this– AI art is taking over and we’re doing nothing about it except popularizing it more.
There’s nothing ethical about AI art, whether it’s taking opportunities and profit from real artists or stealing human artists’ artworks.
AI art may be a cheap, or even a free alternative to purchasing organic art, but supporting real artists is important. Whenever you buy from an artist, well known or not, you help them keep doing what they love and achieve their goals.
Part of the value of art is the work that went into it, the thoughts the artist had when making it, and the meaning behind the strokes.When it’s AI generated, the “art” isn’t original at all.
Most AI art programs steal art from real artists without their knowledge or consent to create thoughtless amalgams without giving any profit or credit to the original artists.
“AI art is an insult to actual artists because it steals and repeats but it doesn’t actually create like artists do,” junior and artist Harper Day said.
Despite these major flaws, AI art is rising in popularity largely due to social media platforms such as TikTok. From the use of AI art filters to generators like DALL-E, AI art is everywhere and it’s beginning to feel inescapable.
Most people have seen AI art or heard of a program – if they haven’t already tried it themselves. It’s hard to blame them when it’s taking over everyone’s “For You” page, but it’s a problem.
It may seem like people are just innocently posting videos using AI art for fun, and while that may be their intention, they are actively promoting the use of AI art and negatively impacting artists.
Just because a lot of people do something doesn’t make it ethical. Stop minimizing the effects of AI art on real-life artists and instead, support your local artists and creators. Whatever way you support real art is a good way.