Battle of the lunches

Charlotte Ury and Jason Locke

First lunch wins:

First has always been synonymous with best. What’s a better example than Liberty’s favorite faux period, first lunch?

First of all (pun intended), we get the best cafeteria food. It’s fresh and warm, and we have all the options that second lunch doesn’t have. 

That also means the most delicious L-Cafe and DECA meals. If it’s delicious, chances are it’s sold out by the second lunch– which means we get it all to ourselves.

Some people complain that it’s “too early”. That’s why it’s amazing! Most people don’t have time to eat breakfast, so an early first period gives them time to eat before they pass out in the middle of Sports Med.

It splits up the monotony of the third and fourth periods and gives you a well-needed break. Instead of starving in the fourth period and daydreaming about your pb&j, you can actually focus when you’re in the class. 

It’s also the perfect time to do homework if you haven’t done your homework for 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th period (I don’t recommend this, but I’ve been there). You have time to run to the library, write an entire FRQ or print out the essay you should’ve finished last night.

Overall, in every single aspect, first lunch is superior. We have better food, a better schedule, and a better environment. 

Enjoy our leftovers!

2nd Lunch is better than 1st lunch and here is why:

I am a firm believer in 2nd lunch being the superior option compared to 1st lunch. The times set for 1st lunch are way too early, especially on days with all seven periods. For 1st lunch on the days we have seven periods (Mon, Thur, Fri), the lunch would begin at 10:40 which is an excessively early time to be eating “lunch”. Most of us high school students do not tend to wake up early––eating at this time would be considered breakfast for us

On odd and even days students eat at 11:30. Most people would consider this time to be too early for lunch as well. Why should you even go to lunch at that point? Too many people complain about being too “hungry” when in reality 2nd lunch is not that far of a wait. It is not even that difficult to survive one extra period just for food. 

My second reason why 2nd lunch is better than 1st lunch is because of how 2nd lunch makes the day feel shorter. After having 1st lunch at a way too early time is inconvenient you would still have to go to two more class periods which easily makes the duration of the day feel like an eternity. With 2nd lunch, you only have to go to one more class period which is a great feeling for everyone knowing you just have to knock out one more class and you are done for the day.