Spring has sprung…and I wish it hadn’t

Emily Allard, Staff Writer

We are all familiar with the absolutely devastating experience of waking up on a Thursday morning and thinking it’s Friday, only to realize you have another whole day of the week to get through. As Mr. Darnell would say, Thursday is “B-day Friday.” I feel the same way waking up on a sunny morning in April, thinking summer is around the corner, just to remember school doesn’t get out until late June.

That’s the thing with spring, though. You never know what to expect. You could wake up to that warm, sunny day leaving you longing for summer. You’ll sit in class, looking at the beautiful weather outside and wishing you could go enjoy it. Or, you’ll wake up to rain pelting on your window. At that point, you’ll just have to accept the fact that your clothes and hair are probably going to get wet and your shoes will end up muddy.

The unpredictable weather also makes the simple task of picking out an outfit stressful. It could be sunny when you wake up, but pouring rain by the afternoon. There are just too many factors to consider. Is it warm enough to wear shorts? Is it cold enough to layer? Will a rain jacket really be necessary? 

Probably the most dreaded part of the season is the ruthless allergies that most of us will experience. Noses are running, eyes are watering, and the pollen just keeps on raging. Classrooms are running out of tissues, forcing you to resort to those horrific brown paper towels. Teachers are hanging up signs promising that they don’t have COVID-19, just a tendency to randomly sneeze (shoutout Mr. Level)!

Allergies are temporary, though. But before we can even make it to summer, we have to get through AP tests and second semester finals. Sure, spring break gives us a chance to decompress, but does that really make up for the uninterrupted month of March? No matter how much relaxing you do during spring break, none of it will matter once you’re thrown back into the madness. By the time we’re able to appreciate summer, we’re barely recovered from burn-out. 

In the grand scheme of things, spring just isn’t as enjoyable as the rest of the seasons. Fall and winter are cozy holiday seasons. Summer is filled with nice weather, vacations, family, and friends. It’s time to stop pretending that we’re enjoying ourselves and admit that this is the most miserable time of year.