If you prefer the front parking lot, take it back.

Jamison Murillo, Staff Writer

From the accessible entrance into the school to the view of the pretty sunsets on an early school morning, there is so much to like about the back parking lot. Free of parents parking in the lanes waiting for their kids and the awkward interaction of almost crashing into your teacher’s car, the back parking lot is the place to be.

It’s simply better in every way. Consider the accessibility and convenience of the back gate. Parking lot too crowded? Back gate. Want to steer clear of the buses? Back gate. Need easy access to the stadium? Back gate!

Not to mention, the pine needles that end up EVERYWHERE in your car. Instead of cleaning them up for an hour after school, come to the back lot whose bushes aren’t full of White Claws!

Nothing can compare to leaving school on a Friday, music blasting, friends laughing, and the rush to get home after a long week of school in the back lot. Surrounded by the safety and comfort of your peers and away from parents, staff, and worries, the back lot encapsulates the true high school experience. The back lot is superior and if you don’t think so, you can back off.