TikTok (Music) is Bad

Charlotte Ury, Opinion Editor

I cannot count the number of times I have turned on the radio to 101.5 and heard a Tik Tok song.  I sit in traffic desperately hoping they will play a song I have not heard 15 million times already. But then I hear the opening number to “Without You” (think “so there you go, can’t make a wife…”). That song is a prime example of music that only works on TikTok, not only because it’s not censored but because there’s normally a funny joke alongside it. Without the joke or fun dance, you’re left with a 15 second catchy line and… well, nothing. A subpar song with just enough quotable lines to go viral on TikTok.  

This is the problem with these popular TikTok songs.  Today, songs that become chart toppers often go viral off Tiktok, which doesn’t seem like an issue until average songs take the place of genuinely catchy and inventive songs from other artists. Songs written today do not have to be well-written or musical, they simply have to grab enough attention to make an entertaining TikTok. Mediocre songs aren’t the downfall of society, but they don’t elevate the industry to new and exciting places. Average breeds average.

 Not to mention, when good songs do get found on TikTok it becomes hard to separate the song from the trends. There is nothing worse than having a favorite song,  but only being able to picture an E-boy thrusting to the chorus or someone aggressively lip syncing. Then, you rewatch the music video, and only see comments like “who’s here from TikTok?” or “anyone else glad you found this on TikTok?”  Sometimes, these so-called “fans” even complain that the rest of the artist’s music “doesn’t sound like the song from TikTok.” 

I’m not against TikTok; the app often makes my day.  But I am against the community that raises sub-par music (Renegade, Dance Monkey, ex) to the top of the charts, and destroys the community of music built on authentic lyrics and thoughtful production.