Travel in the pandemic: a big NO!

Nicole Hume, Staff Writer

A year and a half ago, the sight of a plane in the sky was totally normal. Breaks from school were filled with stories of exotic places and new experiences. But during the last year, that hasn’t been the case. 

Recently, however, as the danger of Covid-19 has begun to wane, people have begun moving again and are being forced to ask themselves: is it okay to travel in the age of Covid-19?

To put it simply, the answer is no— and honestly, it will probably stay that way until this pandemic is over. Travel is one of the most significant ways this virus spreads, and while going to a small family gathering across the state might seem innocent, it can be deadly: what starts as a small event can quickly become a regional outbreak. 

Not to mention, many people remove their masks and neglect the six-foot distance that has been recommended by medical professionals throughout this pandemic. The absence of masks increases the chance of spread and puts everyone at risk. 

For some, however, travel is a necessity. Some jobs cross state lines, and there are other important activities, such as getting crucial documents renewed or buying groceries, that cannot be done without leaving one’s town. For these activities, the only choice is to travel. But save these few exceptions, to ensure that people who have important work can stay safe, everyone else needs to limit discretionary travel. 

Getting out of the house is something everybody wants, but it will not be possible until this is all over. So until then, hunker down and bear with the cabin fever. After all, you’re not the only one.