Going “bananas” for Halloween

Serena Sherwood, Editorial Board Member

Everyone knows that the back to school season is punctuated with another very important cultural event: the start of Halloween decorating. While I’ve poked my fair share of fun at stores who put up decorations before September even starts (*cough* Costco *cough*), there’s something about Halloween that makes it more than just a time where you can see a blow-up zombie decoration in the produce section. 

Even though students at Liberty don’t dress up as much as they did in elementary school, you can’t deny that Halloween is still a enjoyable day. From warm-ups in math where you have to graph a pumpkin to Mr. Level dressing up as Waldo, teachers take time to make the day fun. Also, about 12 students dress up as bananas every year, which ends up making the whole day more entertaining than any lesson your history teacher could come up with. 

In addition, Halloween is the only holiday where it isn’t customary to spend it with your family. On Halloween, gone are the questions of “have you thought about colleges?” or “do you have a boyfriend yet?” that appear every Thanksgiving and winter break. In fact, it’s customary to spend Halloween with your friends, watching scary movies, trick-or-treating, or eating so much candy it hurts. 

While Halloween might look a lot different this year, we should all appreciate the Halloweens past and look forward to the next time we can walk down the halls and see enough students dressed as bananas to supply a whole grocery store.